SALON 系列サロンのご案内

New York / Salon Vijin

Relocated in East Village Area, SouthEast of Manhattan on August 2012. The town is a popular area for the young people, and formally famous for its arts. Many galleries still resides from place to place.
A subway from West Area has opened on Autumn 2012, which resulted in fashonable restraunts and stores to advance in town. The salon spaces cutting-edge design utilizing red as an accent color, and our enhanced techniques developed over the 25 years of experiences in NY, has gained hight support from the Newyorkers.


Address 22 East 1st St New York, NY10003
Tel 212-664-0664

Shukugawa / Hair Salon Vijin New York

First of our Salon to open in Japan with unparalleled service and hospitality.


Address 〒662-0042
7-15 Bundocho
Nishinomiya, Hyogo
Tel 0798-31-2084